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Oasis of Praise

Incense of Praises to Extol and Magnify the Beauty of His Magnificent and Majestic Names (Ps 34:3;69:30;103:1-2;Rev 5:12)

25-Waiting is not for the fainted hearted

24-The Rest of Faith (2)

23-The Rest of Faith (1)

22-The Ways of Wise Man

21-The Reign of Faith

20-The Cruise of Life

19-The Main Event (First Things First)

18-Making Demands on the Word

17- The Magnificent Power of His Word

16-No Word, No Faith

15-The Indispensable Treasures of Life

14. Standing Firm

13. 10 Significant Meanings of Jesus

12. The Fragrance of Thanksgiving

11. The Dew of His Tender Mercies

10. The Rock of All comforts

09. Praise Warfare

08. 7 Blessings of Abraham

07. The Way of Victory

06. The Distinction of Praise 

05. 7 Pillars of Grace

04. 7 Marks of Godliness

03. The Truth Shall Set Your Free

02. 10 Significant Meanings of Jesus

01. The Excellency of His Benevolent Goodness

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