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Introduction By Dr. Jedidiah Tham

Mountains in Clouds

Dr Jedidiah Tham

A shepherd at heart, he is endowed with the grace to mentor the next generation. As an ardent zealous seeker of wisdom and revelatory truths, he teaches the last day remnants the ways of the Lord by expounding the 7 pillars of wisdom truth. This last days secret had been specially revealed by the Spirit of Truth to him concerning the Kingdom Era. He also has an earnest zeal to see the raising and training of the Enoch Generation. This will be the Bridal Company who are the overcomers. They will be stewarded with the mandate of dominion of Daniel 11:32 and a promise of Psalms 25:14 in awaiting the return of our Beloved. His constant plea to the Enoch Bridal Company is to live "within the veil"! (Heb 4:16; 10:19) He also fervently exhorts all to pursue relentlessly a "Christ-Centred" lifestyle! (Col 1:18; 3:11)

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As a Shepherd, teacher and forerunner of the Enoch generation, the vision is to birth the promises of Ps 25:14;57:1; 86:11 in each believer’s life. 

We Do

Through fathering and mentoring of the remnant Enoch generation (Romans 8:19), we want to unearth each believer’s covenantal strengths and unveil the mysteries of the glory dimension to the remnant bridal generation. (1Cor2:9-10)

Enoch School

The dawning of Isaiah 60:1 in this kingdom era is the birthing and emergence of the remnant Enoch generation. These sons of God of Romans 8:19 shall be mentored as Kingdom Priests and Kings and mystics that will fulfill Abba Father's plans for these last days.

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